The Goodfield Method™

Dr. Goodfield, is licensed as a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist in both Arizona and California, mediator, a world-wide profiler and psychoanalyst. He developed his own, unique, U.S. utility patented psychotherapeutic process, The Goodfield Method™. By studying your micro-expressions, Dr. Goodfield can determine what motivates you subconsciously. With this information, you and Dr. Goodfield work together to develop healthier strategies to achieve success in your life and in your relationships.

This interview with Rick Nieman gives a short introduction to the Goodfield Method™ (there is a short introduction in Dutch, and then the interview is in English).

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Dr. Goodfield offers personal life coaching. Consultations in person, or via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime.

By observing your micro-expressions, Dr. Goodfield analyzes the emotions that drive or inspire you - your strategy for dealing with life. With this understanding, he will give you customized solutions to improve your relationships, your career, and your happiness.

I do not take insurance, but it may be possible for you to be reimbursed by your insurance provider for our 100 minutes sessions as I am an out-of-network provider.

First responder, military or veteran let me know it you want to participate in a special project.

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