So what is the Goodfield Method?

Watch TV interview with Rick Nieman for
a short introduction about the Goodfield Method. The annoucer will begin by speaking Dutch briefly, then chats with Doctor Goodfield in English.

TV interview

Read Dr. Goodfield's Predictions of the Singapore Summit and watch TV interview with Maria Martiromo.
And listen to the radio interview with Joe Piscopo

TV interview
Radio interview
Post Summit reflection

Read Dr. Goodfield's profile and opinion about Stephen Paddock. And listen to the radio interview with Joe Piscopo

Radio interview

Watch, read and listen to Dr. Goodfield

Profiles of Adly Mansour, Egypt's Interim President,
Lance Armstrong, Joseph Kony, King Willem-Alexander,
Queen Maxima, President Clinton, President Obahma, President Trump, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and much more.... See the Press section for more information.

Press section



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How would you have a personal life coaching session with a world-wide profiler and psychoanalyst? No matter where you live, you can meet with Dr. Barry Goodfield face-to-face, simply by using your Skype account to connect.

Now you can do so, for rates that many find to be surprisingly reasonable. You can review your options by pressing any of the "add to cart" buttons shown below.

Dr. Goodfield has developed a patented system for personality analysis that lets him more readily discover the motive emotions that drive or inspire people. By seeing your face as you chat, he can better provide you with counsel about ways to improve your relationships, your career, even the degree to which your life makes you happier.

If you choose to use a longer session, Dr. Goodfield can explain how he can provide you with highly specific professional counsel about your spouse or your boss.

If you find yourself having trouble negotiating effectively with anyone, Doctor Goodfield can give you pointers on how to be more effective in gaining more satisfactory agreements from others.

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