Basic Training

Basic Training is an extensive and intense introduction to the basic principles of the Goodfield Method™, and is designed to help not only professionals (in business, human resources, mental health, law enforcement and other fields) but also individuals who want to better their communication skills.

The Basic Training is given on-line and with Zoom/Skype/FaceTime sessions. Participants will learn to decode unconscious messages. The Basic Training is unique in that it:
  • Gives clearer understanding in the structure of personality and the role of both its conscious and unconscious aspects,
  • Reveals the dualism that is present in each individual and gives insight into the roots of this dualism,
  • Gives a testable and referential method to profile individuals, identifying their key conscious and unconscious drivers,
  • Gives clear guidelines to analyze the personal strategies of individuals, groups, organizations and even nations based on both conscious and unconscious drivers, and
  • Gives a basic understanding of the therapeutic process of the Goodfield Method™.
Basic Training is designed for:
  • Every one who wants to learn more about themselves and their (business) relationships. Professionals in business, human resources, law enforcement, mental health, diplomacy and other fields have preceded you.

Advanced Training (AT)

Advanced Training gives a deeper understanding of and insight into the therapeutic process and the tools of the Goodfield Method™.

Therapist Workshops

Are designed for students, Goodfield Therapists and Analysts to work on themselves and "clean their own tool".

Graduate Seminar in Personality Analysis (GSPA)
Level 1 & 2

The three interdependent steps in this course are evaluation, symbolic level, and personality typing. This course covers why much difficulty in learning is due to our reluctance to give up old learning and that seeing in a "new way" takes time and careful guidance. Participants will learn why no personality type can be completely understood without first getting their Non-Verbal Leak™ "exactly right". GSPA will establish the skill level of each student and seek to standardize both knowledge and application abilities. This will be accomplished while exploring practical relationships between various Non-Verbal Leak™ levels and various 12 Goodfield Personality Types™. Initial efforts to determine the unique and essential differences between the various personality types will be central to the Graduate Seminar.

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