Relationships: A Survival Guide vol. 1

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So You Want to Be My President?
The Ultimate Voter's Guide

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Insight and Action:
The role of the unconscious in crisis from
personal to international levels.
2nd edition November 2019.


CD's and DVD's

Three DVD Set

A Trilogy Of Deep Insights Into Three Distinct and
Important Areas Of Human Experience and Emotion

Using a mild, altered state of consciousness, you will learn how to:

  • Part 1: Drop Pain & Build Energyќ
  • Part 2: Create Change
  • Part 3: Deal with Angerќ

W.I.N. 5th International Leadership Conference Lausanne, Switzerland 

Exploring the secret signals and hidden realities of men in power: Why some female executives must fail.

The Lost General Semanticќ

Includes introduction by Dr. Barry A. Goodfield, series of semantic approach to communication discussions hosted by Dr. Bill Pemberton in 1965 and a series of lectures prepared by the General Semantics Forum in 1964-1965.

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Four Days to the Here and Now:
Client Workshop Talks in February 2007

Topics include:

  • We are in the change business
  • New decisions
  • Change is possible
  • What is the process about change?
  • Meta-level awareness

The Goal of Life is Balance


  • Goal is becoming more of yourself
  • I feel what I think...
  • Goal of life is balance
  • (This ain't) a thinkin' thing
  • Mothers Day
  • Wisdom of your body

A 2-part DVD

Topics include:

  • Issue of now
  • Life is process
  • What are you gonna do for you?
  • Deal with the frustrated need

The Impact of Unconscious in Relationships

Drs. Herman A. Ilgen
Welke praktische betekenis heeft inzicht in onbewuste non verbale communicatie voor professionals en leiders in het bedrijfsleven.

Dr. Barry A.Goodfield
The impact of the unconscious in relationships.

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