Barry Goodfield is a speaker of insight and action - who doesn't just talk about the action - he's often at the center of it.

This "Doctor To The Decision Makers" will bring to your organization, your audience, a speech they won't soon forget.

His variety of topics is delivered with no punches pulled - direct, honest, frequently politically incorrect - and enormously memorable.

Rather than leave your audience with "feelgood" babble they forget in a day or two, Barry Goodfield leaves your organization with substance and solutions they'll use for years - whether it's negotiation, conflict resolution, personal motivation or any of the other speech topics listed below.

This truly American personality can often be found performing speeches in his 30-year-old Stetson and alligator cowboy boots - or in black tie as keynote speaker to the Directors of Institutes and Diplomatic Academies, International Pediatric Endosurgery Group (IPEG) or for the Women International Network group (W.I.N.) to mention a few.

He is also an author, having written:

Insight and Action: The Role of the Unconscious in Crisis from Personal to International Levels

This book is based on a simple belief that winning depends on a decision made prior to victory. An insightful and practical book that relates psychology to communication and the use of power.

Relationships: A Survival Guide vol. 1

Be it Love, Lust, or Like, on a personal or professional level we live with people who define us as we define ourselves.

Real Love: A Survival Guide vol. 2

State Room on the Titanic? or Ticket on the Love Boat?

So You Want To Be My President? The ultimate voters guide

An in-depth clinical profile of all the candidates running for the presidency in 2012

Are They Crazy? The ultimate guide to the candidates for America's next President in 2016

An intimate profile, exploration, into the thoughts, feelings and (unconscious) driving forces of (26) both Republican and Democratic candidates.

Some Video's

  • Lecture clips about the 2016 presidential candiates analyzed in the book Are They Crazy?
  • 2016 Presidential election: four candidates analyzed
  • Watch Dr. Goodfield talking to various groups
  • Are You Lying?
  • Tell us about your event and we will specifically tailor a program for your event's theme and audience.

    Lecture Topics:

    Global Affairs


    Conflict Management




    Team Building



    International Relations

    Some of the topices given in the past are:

    Inside the Mind of President Trump and his cabinet March 2017 An interesting and outstanding presentation was the feedback I received.

    The Unconscious Mind Of Those Who Want To Be The President of the U.S. in 2016: A revealing lecture about the 26 people who are running for the presidency.

    Current World Leaders and their Unconscious Message. Presentation given to ICTY, NATO, AFIO and groups who were interested in world politics.

    Exploring the Secret Signals and Hidden Realities of Men in Power: Why some female excutives must fail.

    The Impact of the Unconscious on Communication, Conflict and Crisis: A revealing examination of the human mind.

    Practical Tools and Tactics for Surviving Stress, Tension and Pressure: An informative, upbeat presentation about tension reduction, including real, workable suggestions.

    How to Turn Perceptions of Crisis into Creative Solutions: A lecture on how we perceive and ultimately create our own realities. This session is a perfect opener for a convention or other gathering.

    The Inner Working of the Terrorist Mind: Why our war will never end.

    How to Win Your Negotiation and Mediation with the Non-Verbal Leak™: Determining an opponent’s underlying position(s) in a negotiation or mediation provides a distinct advantage. This presentation shows you how it’s done –.

    Keys to Communication and Creativity at Work: A lecture and audience participation program using video that stimulates creative thinking about
    problems and solutions in the workplace. Participants take away a list of new, workable solutions.

    The Self as Saboteur: A presentation using live video on how our “unconscious programs” subvert many of our conscious goals. Things improve quickly when one masters these skills.

    Sexual Assumptions in the Workplace. Work place romance issues. How to recognize and handle signs of misplaced affection.

    Relationships: Why We Keep Picking the Same Old "Losers". The Interactive Non-Verbal Leak™.

    Just what is PTSD? The Goodfield Method™ is based on more than 30 years of experience Acute Stress Disorders resulting from traumas arising from personal, national and international tragedy.

The Use of Video in Therapy, Interviewing and Business: This presentation shows clearly how to make video a dynamic part of work. Dr. Goodfield brought video into therapy and here he demonstrates how to use it effectively in therapy, business, HRM etc.

Our Unconscious from Personal to International Level: The unseen realities that shape our world and how by understanding them we can make the world a better and safer place.

Leadership in Transition: Factors to be considered when introducing change into your organization, including practical solutions focusing on the “who,
how and what.”


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