For decades, Dr. Goodfield and his Institute have assisted senior police and military officials with these unique services:

Rapid Return Profile Service (RRPS)

Bona fide law enforcement agencies or intelligence services can receive within 48 hours a detailed profile of a suspect with predictions and specific suggestions for locating and apprehending the suspect. This service is available when photos and/or video evidence is available. The clearer and more accurate the material provided to the Institute, the clearer and more accurate the feedback. This service has been used in situations where composite sketches are seen as accurate according to witnesses, as in the case of the "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez.

Interrogation Training Program (ITP)

The unique cues (Non-Verbal Leak™) shown by a subject can reveal the truth behind disingenuous verbal statements. Learning to penetrate the unconscious motivations of a suspect can lead to accelerated inquiries and interrogations and may consequently save time and perhaps even lives.

Selection and Screening Training (Good Cop - Better Cop)

The hiring and promotion of police officers is a crucial process. Just as 10% of the US population causes 90% of the crime, it is also true that a very small percentage of police officers cause difficulty within their department and in the eyes of the public. The Goodfield Institute helps select the best cops to uphold society's views, values and laws through their understanding of the unconscious, where true motivations and strategies are revealed. Our training teaches systematic methods for analyzing behavior patterns so that selecting officers becomes a more efficient and scientifically based process.

The course presents videotaped material where split-second, nonverbal "messages" that imply hidden agendas, as reflected in eye movements, breathing rate changes, muscle tension and more, can be studied in slow motion and freeze-frame. Participants learn to "read" these messages and select better cops - and society benefits.

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