In its simplest form, The Goodfield Method™ teaches us how the unconscious mind can be seen and understood on all levels of human experience.

Unconscious messages from the body can, in fact, be seen through the uncontrollable Non-Verbal Leak™ (NVL), which manifest in a person's facial expressions or mannerisms. Because this "leak" comes from the unconscious, there is absolutely no way an individual can control, modify or prevent its appearance. Accordingly, these signs are consistent, repeatable, and predictable.

Whether in the boardroom or through personal interactions, our lives are profoundly influenced by the unconscious messages we send through our nonverbal behaviors. The Goodfield Method™ explains:

  • How to recognize the Non-Verbal Leak™,
  • How to analyze the meaning and significance of the Leak, and
  • The appropriate actions to take regarding this information.
Some practical examples include:
  • In therapy, a practitioner would utilize The Goodfield Method™ to quickly determine a specific problem area that needs work.
  • In business, an executive would utilize The Goodfield Method™ to better understand and deal with employee and productivity issues, or use the insights gained from an adversary's "leak" during a difficult negotiation.
  • In personnel selection, the interviewer gets a clearer understanding of the candidate and, therefore, significantly increases the probability of getting the right person for the right job.
  • In law enforcement, The Goodfield Method™ can be used to tell if a suspect is lying or withholding information.
  • In personal coaching a quick analyze of the Goodfield Personality Type helps to develop a coaching plan aimed to the person.

What is a Non-Verbal Leak™?

The NVL is a repetitive, patterned movement from the shoulders up, reflecting an unresolved perceived trauma and manifesting an Old Decision or strategy from the past. It is a way of looking at the strategies that the individual presents in his total nonverbal behavior.

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