The Goodfield Foundation is a non-profit organization and NGO registered in The Hague, committed to providing access to the benefits of the Goodfield Method. For more than three decades, Dr. Barry Austin Goodfield, founder of the Goodfield Institute and CEO of the Goodfield Foundation, has been conducting seminars on communication and conflict management on three continents. His unique methods of analyzing verbal and nonverbal behavior have formed the cornerstone of the Foundation's work. Program costs are paid in whole or in part by sponsors such as governments, companies, or other institutions.

The Goodfield Foundation is anchored in simple truths: Where communication succeeds, conflict recedes, and when opposing parties face one another, communication is possible. The challenge is to help those parties communicate - to express their positions clearly and to listen effectively to others - so that they can ease crisis and resolve conflict.

More than an organization that merely believes in promoting peace in a world of conflict, the Goodfield Foundation utilizes the latest scientific methods in psychology, communication, mediation and negotiation to make effective communication possible.

The Goodfield Foundation therefore provides:


  • In-depth analysis of individuals and their strategies regarding such characteristics as basic honesty, integrity, reliability and their capacity to handle stress and pressure,
  • Analysis of organizational and industrial characteristics, including management effectiveness,
  • Conflict and "communication breakdown" analysis,
  • Crisis management planning, and
  • Business strategies given geopolitical realities.


  • The Non-Verbal Leak™ (NVL) and the Goodfield Method™,
  • The political and military aspects of crisis management,
  • Presentation and media skills training,
  • Effective presentations in a cross-cultural setting, and
  • Assessment of verbal and nonverbal communications.

One special feature of the Foundation's work is the production of a video highlighting the main points of the training, which can be disseminated to additional organizations.

The Board of the Goodfield Foundation is comprised of eminent leaders from various fields. Their names are available upon request.


The Goodfield Institute
(623) 748-9499

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