Individual Sessions

The client will be sitting in front of the camera. After completing a series of on-camera responses to a set of standardized questions, a unique pattern of nonverbal responses emerges and is captured on videotape. These responses are categorized into one of twelve possible personality types, which reflect unique perceptions and responses to patterns.

This information provides an in-depth picture of the individual. The data reflects deep, unconscious referential information that is testable and verifiable, and it provides a unique picture of the unconscious strategies of the client. With this information a clinical treatment plan will be presented to the client.

If you are interested in a private video-analyze by Dr. Goodfield and you are not capable to see him for a private session, there is the possibility to do this through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

5-Day Psychoanalysis

It has been said that the Goodfield approach to psychoanalysis is to Freud what the space shuttle is to the model A Ford. If so, that's because traditional psychoanalysis takes large amounts of money spread over many years, whilst Dr. Goodfield accomplishes the same results over an intensive, personalized five day period.

Here's how it works: the individual entering the analysis provides Dr. Goodfield with important photographs covering numerous family generations, significant childhood photos as well as pictures of important people in the their life. An analysis of the pictures using special video techniques is conducted. The result is a "big picture" of the person's life. Once this is completed, the person meets with Dr. Goodfield. For the next five days, the person's unique Non-Verbal Leak™ (NVL) becomes the guide to decoding historical maladaptive decisions and strategies.

With video techniques unique to the Goodfield Method™ - as well as the use of hypnosis - the altered state reveals the perceived "logic" and subsequent decisions and strategies that followed and made for inefficient approaches to daily living. The logic of an adult replaces the fears and fantasies of childhood.

Numerous brilliant and successful people - including some heads of state - have spent a life-changing week with Dr. Goodfield in this way.


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