Goodfield, Expert Consultancy and Training

Nonverbal communications expert Dr. Barry A. Goodfield is a top expert in nonverbal communications and negotiations. Dr. Goodfield and his team help individuals and organizations function at the highest possible levels. They will do so by pooling their resources to educate on the crucial role that nonverbal communication plays in human interactions and how its power can be harnessed effectively.

Goodfield and his team are providing expert consulting and training to commercial, professional and governmental organizations using exclusive the patented Goodfield Method in numerous areas including:

  • Decision making
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Communications
  • Personal development
  • Crisis management techniques
  • Wide range of interpersonal behaviors

Additional services available to companies include:

  • Corporate Profile Services
  • Business Analysis for Executive Search
  • Training the Trainers
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Cross-cultural Education and Negotiation
  • Legal Services & Consultancy
  • Media and Presentation Training

Any person looking at the challenges we face in our world today will agree that the more accurately we see these challenges and differences and the more precisely we read the conscious and unconscious factors influencing these challenges the better off our world will be.

This is the paramount objective of Goodfield: better decisions and understanding through deeper and more accurate insights.

Corporate Profile Services

A team from the Goodfield Institute LLC analyze the senior members of a company or government agency to determine their strengths and weaknesses. And can go forward with total confidence in its leadership and continue to grow, contribute and enhance the corporate goals of the organization through precise in depth analysis - not a paper pencil test. We make sure that the unique individual is evaluated on all the observable conscious and unconscious signals that they send.

Executive Search

This work generates in-depth profiles of individuals and their motivations and strategies, especially regarding basic honesty, integrity, reliability and ability to handle pressure; this is ever more true in times of conflict and crisis. The result is better hiring practices, stronger staff, and therefore more resilient and successful companies.

Training the Trainers

The Goodfield Institute LLC sponsors video conference seminars that focus on the analysis of nonverbal behaviors and the steps required to achieve competency in this discipline.

Crisis Management Planning

These educational seminars focus on crisis management preparedness. They assist corporate and governmental leaders on how to effectively deal with issues ranging from internal security to bioterrorism threats. After this training, organizational leaders are better able to deal with the unexpected, having developed contingency plans to be utilized in the face of crisis.

Cross-cultural Education and Negotiation

In today's business world we deal with people from all cultural and regional backgrounds. Participants in this seminar will gain a powerful advantage in negotiations after having been taught to distinguish between behaviors that are merely reflections of national customs and those that are a reflection of personal issues. More effective international operations are the result.

Media and Presentation Training

Terrorist attacks, massive power blackouts, and natural disasters, have placed individuals not accustomed to the media before large audiences, attempting to present complex and often emotional issues to the public. In these training sessions, such individuals learn how to project favorable and clear impressions to the media, especially in the context of press conferences. Video training is a large part of this workshop. The guidance provided by Goodfield trainers allows participants to analyze their own communication style, ultimately providing the training necessary to present their most effective persona when necessary.

Legal Services, Consultancy and Jury Selection

The Goodfield Institute LLC conducts Scientific Jury Selection by reading the observable unconscious nonverbal behavior of the prospective jurors and witnesses. Law firms also use our mediation service to evaluate all individuals involved, resulting in positive legal outcomes. Dr. Goodfield and his senior level consultants have the experience, as well as the passion, to not only develop probing questions but also provide deep psychological evaluations that lead to strategic success.

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