Welcome to the Goodfield Institute – a professional training organization dedicated to improving the understanding and practical application of all forms of communication. Our mission is helping people and organizations function in a more effective manner through better understanding and communication.

The Institute was created 40 years ago by noted psychologist and lecturer Dr. Barry A. Goodfield. Since then it has effectively trained business leaders, government officials, law enforcement professionals and therapists in the meanings and understanding of human behaviors, especially those that are identifiable through nonverbal cues or Nonverbal Leaks (NVL).

Using the exclusive and patented Goodfield Method™, the Institute trains leaders in numerous areas, including:

  • negotiation,
  • communications,
  • personal development,
  • crisis management techniques, and
  • a wide range of interpersonal behaviors.
Dr. Goodfield developed, fine-tuned, and is still perfecting this methodology.

Using this advanced methodology, individuals can access data from both the conscious and unconscious areas of their personalities, and those of others, to communicate more effectively and manage personal and professional relationship challenges more successfully.

With an international reputation earned over decades, the Goodfield Institute stands ready to help you and your organization function at the highest levels possible.

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